No leader is foreign to mistakes, especially in the addled world of cyber security. Steer clear of these common ones.

Narrow Focus

Focusing too much on any one area is an invitation for things to go wrong in another.  Avoid the tendency to place too much trust in any one area of  security - perimeter defenses, end point security, MFA to name a few - or in any one specific technology. Instead, spread resources across multiple domains and make sure that each one is covered sufficiently if not entirely. Be weary of budget consuming products and extremely pointed solutions.

Strive for Perfection

No organization will ever be completely secure, so stop trying to fix every last vulnerability and focus on the ones that matter most. The same goes for log collection and service management, where squeezing the last 10% out of any initiative needs to be weighed against the benefits of directing those resources elsewhere.

Dismiss the Business

The ultimate cyber lockdown will stifle just about anything.  A company's strategic objectives should guide how security operates, and security measures need to be in line with the organizational risk appetite. They also need to make financial sense, which can sometimes mean refraining from tools or projects that would otherwise make the environment more secure. Offer multiple options and think outside the box in order to help achieve business goals in a way that is secure.

Underestimate the Risks

Its equally important to stop underestimating the adversary.  Everyone is a target, and past success does not always indicate future safety. In cyber security, one mistake can lead an existential crisis for an organization, so decisions need to be approached with rigorous risk-based analysis and risk-accepted only where it truly makes sense. Remember that risks are present both within your organization and outside it, as well as with trusted partners.

Forget to Lead

Above all else, leaders need to remember that all eyes are on them. Lead by example, demonstrate humility, and remember to keep growing.