Scammers count on the hectic pace and distractions of the holiday season to fool people, making this a good time to send a security awareness bulletin to users and customers.  Stress that phishing emails can look exactly like the real thing and how important it is to avoid clicking links in emails, even if they look legitimate. Remind them to monitor their accounts diligently and report anything suspicious right away.

Here are a few extra things to look out for during this time of year, both at work and in personal email

  • Watch out for e-cards, gift certificates, or party invitations. They may appear to be from coworkers or friends but may actually contain malicious links and malware
  • Criminals know that most people are waiting for additional packages during this time of year - watch out for fake delivery notifications in email or text messages
  • Watch out for fake travel notifications
  • Avoid the links and confirm flight changes directly on airline websites
  • Don’t be tempted by emails or social media advertisements offering unrealistic deals
  • Don’t download holiday themed games or apps from unknown publishers
  • Verify a charity’s authenticity before making donations (check the FTC website on donating wisely)